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Popular Crossdresser, James Brown’s Sex Tape Leaked

Popular influencer, media personality, and transvestite, James Brown has been the number one trend on Twitter space since his sex tape surfaced on the internet.

The cross-dresser whom everyone mistook to be gay was clearly having mind-blowing intercourse with his female partner in the explicit video.

According to reports, the video was mistakenly shared on the transvestite’s Snapchat.

However,  the video has generated a lot of reactions, being that everyone saw him as gay since he’ll normally parade himself to be the “Princess of Africa”, or “the Duchess of London”, and he also dresses the part.

But from the trending video, he clearly had his A-game, although, in a jocular twist, James Brown had acrylic nails on while he engaged with his partner.

Meanwhile, while everyone made James Brown’s Sex video their business, the crossdresser released another video clearing the air.

He stated that there was no course for alarm because he has always made it known that he has a girlfriend while the public mistook him to be gay.

Others reminded him that he shouldn’t have had unprotected intercourse (as seen in the video), considering he is infected with HIV.

Recall that back in 2020, the crossdresser revealed that he knew about his HIV status when he was 12 years old and that he was infected by his mother.

“I got HIV from my parents, mother to child transmission, and ever since, i have been living with it for a longtime and Ia m living fine”, James Brown said.

His status and the viral explicit video have triggered conflicting reactions.

See some reactions below:

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