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Popular Life Coach, Solomon Buchi is Engaged

Popular Life coach, Solomon Buchi popped the big question and the Love of his life, Arike Adeola replied I’m the affirmative.

The husband-to-be who couldn’t hold hold back his excitement shared cute photos from the engagement and a narrative of their love story.

“Àríké said YES. We are engaged and we’ll be getting married!” he shared in excitement.

Buchi said he dated his fiancee for one year before popping the question. He also revealed how is fiancee, Arike improved his life and how she has been the only one that is able to prevent him from having a panic attacks after being bedevilled with many pains and anxieties in his 26 years of existence.

In his words;

“Àríké said YES. We are engaged and we’ll be getting married!

On the 20th of June 2022(our one year dating anniversary), I asked the most awesome woman @arikeadeola.o, to marry me after a year of dating — one that came with some reconstruction, intentionality and obedience to God.

Dear Adeola(@arikeadeola.o) — Àríké Mi, from the first week we spoke over that video call, I knew you were my wife. We’ve grown in the past 1 year plus, we’ve put in arduous work, we’ve had extremely difficult conversations, we’ve struggled, we’ve unlearned and relearned and we are still growing into graceful imperfection. Healthy relationships/marriages aren’t a walk in the park, but it is easier with you because you put in the effort.

I’ve been bedevilled with many pains and anxieties in my 26 years of existence, but with you, my worries dissipate. Literally. The longest time I’ve stayed without a panic attack was around you. Your love heals. You’re my favour and you fit into my forever.

I am proud to be your husband-to-be. I’m beyond enthralled with you in my life. I choose you, Àríké. In the multitude of others, na you. You’re my favour and I never knew how much I needed the beauty you brought until God gifted you to me.

Life is filled with uncertainties, but I’m pledging to keep loving you every day, even when it’s tough and inconvenient. I pledge to put you first and exemplify Godly headship. You’ll be the best version of yourself with me because I am submitted to God, and in Him, I will not lead you astray. I’ve been a purveyor of sagacious marriage values, and I can’t wait to live the reality with you by God’s grace.

Now, I can show you to the world. Finally. ?I eagerly waited for this moment. I’ve been your fiancé for 16 days now, and man, I can’t wait to build a godly marriage with you.

Ife mi. Ayanfe mi. Iwo o shey litemi, mi ni yin e nu naye naye, moshe Ileri ko e fi ife mi a to e.

Ah, you’ve made an Igbo man learn Yoruba. Not just Yoruba but Ondo. My Ondo princess! My London baby.

SolomonBuchixArike. We have a wedding to plan”.

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