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“Preacher of Love”, Chike Confesses He has never said “I Love You” to anyone

The ‘boo of the booless’, ChikeEzekpeazu Osebuka, popularly known by his stage name Chike, has set tongues wagging with his confession that he has never professed love to anyone before.

Ironically, Chike who is known to sing mostly about women, love, and other emotionally sensitive topic does not necessarily put it into practice in reality.

In an Instagram post, Chike stated that saying the word “I Love You” makes him feel very vulnerable up to a point where he feels that his balls will shrink and even disappear.

In his words, “I have never said “I love you.” I guess for me that’s just too vulnerable. I get that feeling that if I say it, my bolz would shrink and maybe disappear. Happy to sing it though.”

Chike’s confession triggered reactions from Netizens who admitted he paints love so beautifully to never practice it in reality.

_caramell.a wrote, “As long as you’re putting it in songs sha, I’m satisfied”.

unusual olivia wrote: “Hmmm. Quite strange to hear for someone that is a preacher of love!!! you paint it beautifully I must confess …Thank you for serenading us with dong for our souls”

audgepodge48 wrote, ‘You’ll meet someone one day that you’ll be able to say that too with no fears”.

official_rubyjayjay:”na una type dey fall shamelessly in love. but wait small fezz who hurt you”

lytlediva: “Oh wow thankful for the songs tho”.

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