President Buhari has done nothing for the country – Galadima

A Chieftain of the New Nigeria People’s Party, Buba Galadima, has said President Buhari has done nothing for the country that should warrant applauding him. 

He stated this in an interview with ARISE NEWS on Wednesday. Galadima noted that contrary to the statement of Femi Adesina, the president has left the country worse than he met it.

He said “We wished he had kept the country the way he met it. We would have clapped for him and even escorted him to Daura whenever he intends to leave office. The man has taken Nigeria one hundred years back, dividing Nigeria along religious lines, dividing Nigeria along ethnic lines, crashing economic policies that had left the dollar that he met at one hundred and fifty-seven naira per dollar, he is now leaving it at nearly eight hundred. That is if you see the dollar to buy.

“Insecurity was confined generally in the northeast except for some dark spots but today you cannot travel anywhere in Nigeria with your eyes closed. You have to spend the night praying that God delivers you. Now if that is the kind of Nigeria that Femi Adesina wants, then I pray to God to visit him with what the common people suffer daily in Nigeria.

“My only regret in this country is that Buhari has left Nigerian polity bedevilled by religious and monetization issues which are worse than rigging because you can no more win an election based on the quality of service or credibility, the basis of your pubic service or the basis of what you had done but also only based on what you have done”

Speaking further, Galadima also blamed religious leaders in the country for contributing to the poor outcome of the election.

“Of course, religious leaders, both Christians and Muslims were a disappointment during this election. Instead of preaching morality and telling Nigerians that look this is what God expects from a leader, they made themselves God and thought they can install a leader of their choice. They have utterly been disappointed”. He said

In response to the statement made by the minister of media and culture, Lai Mohammed, requesting some political leaders to cease complaining, the former Governor of Kano argued that the minister is not a politician and does not comprehend the suffering of the people 

“Lai has been a friend for a long time. He has never been a politician and he doesn’t know the feelings of the people. He doesn’t know the conditions of the people. He has always been appointed to reap where he did not sow. So, he cannot see the conditions of the ordinary Nigerian nor can he see the condition under which the opposition has worked to wrestle power from them. So, since they have used the instrumentality of government since they have used the power of money which they have in abundance and bought themselves into government, he is free to say what he wants to say” He said.

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