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Pretty Mike causes Uproar as he Storms Eniola Badmus Event with Ghost-like Humans

Popular Lagos socialite Pretty Mike, who is known for always pulling up awkward stunts and stealing the show, has sparked reactions online, after he stormed Eniola Badmus “20 years on stage” event with about 24 men and women painted in white while they wore only underwear, thus giving off the ‘ghost’ look.

The moment Pretty Mike walked into the hall with his entourage, other guests once again acknowledged his showstopping antics.

The entourage formed two lines behind Pretty Mike as they walked into the hall.

When they eventually got into the hall, right at the middle of it where everyone could see them, the entertainer began to give instructions to his entourage, which they followed with dance steps.

They began a synchronised dance to Mayorkun’s “Holy Father” featuring Victony playing in the background.

Sharing the photo and video on his page, he captioned it, “I just enjoy entertaining both the spiritual world and the physical, I more so enjoy creating Job opportunities in this industry, @eniola_badmus I’m out here to support u with my full chest”.

As has already been mentioned, this is not the first time Pretty Mike will be pulling such stunt. It was once reported that the socialite stormed the wedding of celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani with 12 babies. In a different event, he showed up with a bunch of pregnant women.

And in the same vein, he attended a wedding reception accompanied by a native doctor, popularly referred to as ‘Babalawo’, a move that triggered so many reactions.

However, in an interview with BBC News Pidgin, Pretty Mike sat down to talk about his antics and the reasons behind why he does what he does. Pretty Mike said;”

As I took Babalawo to my friends Steve and Sandra’s wedding, the people there who knew me appreciated me. Everybody started bringing out camera to do videos and take pictures. But even at that, there were still those people who were shouting ‘Blood of Jesus’, some started praying immediately thinking that they had sent somebody to come and scatter the marriage or scatter the wedding. There was one woman who really carried the thing on her head that day. Honestly if that woman had holy water that day, she would have begun sprinkling it on me because she thought the devil’s child had landed.

Most of my concepts have meaning behind them – for example, when I came with pregnant women, people interpreted it in their own way but me I was trying to send a message that in this our society, people discriminate against pregnant women. Automatically if a woman gets pregnant, even if she’s qualified, once you see her stomach is big, you won’t want to answer her.

Now this one with what people are calling Babalawo, me I call him a spiritualist. People feel like when they see something that looks like or resembles Babalawo, they believe it is a wicked thing, an evil thing. A lot of people now discriminate what we see in African movies. So why is it that now if you’re going to an event, you can carry your pastor or your Imam there, but once you carry your Babalawo there, everybody will begin to run. A lot of people when they think of me, a lot of people think ‘Ah this Mike guy no well o!’, some people look at me like I’m weird. Meanwhile, I’m looking at you like you, you’re weird maybe based on the fact that you don’t do things like I do things”.

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