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R-Kelly Faces Untimely Death In The Hands Of Fellow Inmates And Prison Guards.

Nobody is above the law, is a typical case of Robert Sylvester Kelly famously known as R-Kelly. The 53 years old American rapper who has been facing several court cases on illegal marriage, child pornography and abuse.

In 1994, R-Kelly was said to have illegally and secretly gotten married to Aaliyah who was 15 years old and Kelly was 27 as at then. After back and forth investigation and interviews, they both denied that they had gotten married or their relationship in anyway moved passed being just friends.

Aaliyah and R-kelly

Aaliyah few years later filed a lawsuit against the singer in 1997, saying they did get married and was asked by Kelly to deny if ever asked. He also faked a couple of documents that stated that she (Aaliyah) was already 18 when the marriage took place.

Aaliyah and R-kelly

The case was brought to court, which R-Kelly paid a settlement fee of $250,000 to the chief judge a year after Aaliyah accused him of illegal marriage.

Just when we thought the drama was over, video of R-Kelly urinating on an under aged girl after engaging her in sex surfaced. After the viral video, Kelly was charged on 21 counts of child pornography and was apprehended by the Miami police department.

Though Kelly refused to testify at the trial, he was found guilty of 14 out of 14 counts of child pornography in June 2008.

Still in the heat of Kelly’s drama, he was charged for bribery related to his forgery of fake identity for Aaliyah in order to get away with their marriage license. In 2019, he was also charged for several aggravated criminal sexual abuses. He is recently serving time for all his charges in prison.

Indeed justice is for all who is found wanting in one way or the other. No one would have thought that R-Kelly will be ridiculed and reduced this way, despite his fame.

Kelly has been reduced to the least of criminals as he got maltreated for his crimes by prison guards as well as other inmates. He has been molested and beaten without pity. Even when an order was passed for him to be locked up privately as his life is in danger, the guards have put on deaf ears to his lawyers request.

Kelly had also told the guards that he fears for his safety, but it fell on deaf ears as usual.

According to TMZ News, who broke the story, the Federal Bureau of Prison has denied and declined to comment on the incident, even with proof of several bruises being seen on the singer. Also the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois as well as the Eastern District of New York have also refused to respond to comments as regards the incident with R-Kelly.

Well, R-Kelly might be facing a life time imprisonment if guilty after trials but then, all these have proven that the safety of Kelly is no longer sure as he is on constant attack from other inmates.

One can’t help but wonder if he is ever going to survive this phase in prison at all.

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