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Reactions Trail as Davido Gets Rough Handled in Abuja

Abuja fans have been doing the most lately. Just immediately after the news of Wizkid being roughly handled by excited fans in his Abuja concert made the headlines, a Video of Davido almost crashing on the floor surfaced online.


Davido was invited to perform at a show in Abuja, and while he was owing to his fans, a male fan ran on stage and grabbed him till he almost came crashing on the floor.

As expected the bouncers rushed the guy but it was already too late, the video had already been taken. 

From a different angle, an excited fan jumped on stage and tried to grab Davido during his performance but he was fast enough to push the fan away with the help of his bodyguards before he continued with his performance.

However, eagle-eyed Netizens were smart to notice how the singer immediately checked his neck to ensure his Ice Necklace was intact.

olakunle_bibire wrote: Omo Davido check him neck straight

dyker29.02 wrote: Baba run touch em ice if e still de there

choiceawkward wrote: Omo Davido sharp well we’ll pass some people

ijobayanyan wrote: Expensive chains Dey davido neck so he did the right thing by pushing him away..not until we start hearing stories that touch.

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