Reno Omokri Abandons Wife and Welcomes New Baby With UK Based Lover

It has been revealed that Human Rights Activists and sanctimonious Reno Omokri has been living a direct opposite of what he preaches. 

Reno has been spending a lot of time in London, rather than the US where he is based. He recently welcomed his fourth child named after his former boss, ex-President Goodluck Jonathan.  

Reno sent a photograph of himself, his new baby, and a lady he identified as Hana, to a daily newspaper last week for a congratulatory message on the dedication of the child. He also posted the said publication on his social media page, thanking the paper for honouring him and his ‘wife’ with the publication. In the post, he deliberately omitted the woman’s name but referred to her as his ‘wife’.

THEWILL has taking the honour of revealing his hidden truth and long-time deceit. According to THEWILL, His rightful wife whom he married in Nigeria in both traditional and Church marriage ceremonies before their relocation to the United States, is Tuokpe Omokri nee Onuwaje, a school teacher in the city of Antioch, a small town in northern California, where they also live.

It was revealed that the former presidential aide who parades himself as a principled preacher abandoned Tuokpe and their three children  for reasons best known to him and has allegedly refused to contribute to the upkeep of his family.

Reno was able to conveniently abscond to London where his new partner lives, contrary to his narration of flying out to London from California for the  #harassbuharioutoflondon parade. 

This abandonment is beyond absurdity for a man who claims to have single-handedly built an orphanage in Edo State and is always quick to donate money to other people in need. Even the Holy Bible, to which he often makes reference, describes a man who is unable to cater for his family as worse than an infidel.

The former presidential aide, who is never short of an opinion on virtually every subject on earth and everyone, including a recent statement about not having sympathy for single mothers except they are victims of rape or domestic violence also reportedly subjected his estranged wife to emotional abuse for the better part of the 14 years they lived together.

There is a popular saying that it is better to be seen as a human with flaws than being regarded as sanctimonious when in reality, deceit is second nature to you. This has become an absolute definition of the complacent and self-satisfied Reno Omokri. Since he is never too late to make a revelation or judgemental post, we hope he quickly responds to this revelation as all evidence shows he has not divorced his estranged wife.

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