Reps Worry over Neglected Bills

The House of Representatives has expressed worry that the upper chamber is yet to attend to bills on the concurrence list.

The concerns were raised by the Speaker of the House, Femi Gbajabiamila, on Tuesday’s entire floor. He frowned at the Senate for not attending to over 100 bills from the House.

He called on the House clerk to communicate the lawmakers’ displeasure to the counterparts in the upper chamber.

Gbajabiamila further stated that all concurrence bills from the Senate be set aside until they resolve the matter.

The Explosive Bill 2021 is the most recent bill, which seeks to repeal the Explosive Act of 1964 and re-enact the act to regulate the manufacturing, use, purchase, possession, storage, distribution, sale, transportation, importation, and exportation of explosives and related matters.

Recall that President Buhari, on September 14, sent the Small Arms and Light Weapons Bill to the Senate, seeking their approval for the bill.

The Small Arms and Light Weapons Bill 2021 aims to transform the Presidential Committee on Small Arms and Light Weapons into a national centre where the office of the National Security Adviser will control small arms and light weapons.

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