Restructure Nigerian Police for Effective Service- Gani Adams

The Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Gani Adams, has asked the Federal Government to restructure the Nigerian Police for effective service.
This Wednesday, he stated at the 2021 Edition of Olokun Festival at Sultan Beach, Badagry, Lagos.

The Yoruba leader noted that the Police in Nigeria are poorly trained, understaffed, demoralised and alleged that some of the uniform men have taken to robbing the public to augment their low pay.
According to him: “Apart from the fact the security architecture and composition of the Nigerian Police is wrong and crooked, it does not reflect national outlook.

“The idea of using only one Police structure is old and archaic.
“Nigeria, with over 200million population and over 300 ethnic nationalities, cannot thrive and prosper with the present system.
“With the present security in Nigeria, it is very clear that Nigeria has grown beyond having only one police structure,” he said.
However, Adams lauded the Federal Government over the ongoing construction of the Lagos Badagry expressway.

“It is a thing of joy that efforts are ongoing to complete the road.
“On completion, I think the road will help in boosting the economy of the ancient town and its environs,” he said. Adams, the chief promoter of Olokun Festival Foundation (OFF), said, “we have to educate our people on the need to promote Yoruba culture, tradition and heritage.

“It is our duty and responsibility as cultural ambassadors to project the ideals and values that have made the Yoruba race one of the best in the world.

“As I stand here today, I have a strong belief that we have a lot to gain as we celebrate Olokun and several other festivals.
“For instance, Olokun is a deity that brings wealth to any society or state that celebrates it.

“Olokun deity has a strong foothold, cutting across religious borders, and it is also the harbinger of peace and tranquillity.

“Both Muslims and Christians and even the traditionalists always respect the spiritual relevance of the Olokun and Olosa deities,” he said.

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