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“Return everyone’s money” – Lady Attacks Davido over his Pre-birthday Credit Alerts

Davido’s Pre-birthday ‘challenge’, which garnered over N150m has set tongues wagging, with people giving their different opinions on the matter. One of these people is a lady who is of the opinion that Davido’s actions are unethical considering he is already wealthy.

Davido recently put his ‘true friends to test on his instastory after he posted, “We rise by lifting others abi? Me I don dey rise dey lifting others for the past 100 years. So I want to know who my friends are. All of my friends one one million Naira. They said we are 30BG. If you don’t send your own. You out of here. You are gone”.

In less than no time, OBO’s friends started proving themselves and they were able to raise over N150M, to the shock of Davido and the public at large.

However, a Twitter user who initially thought it to be a PR stunt has voiced out her concerns, cautioning Nigerians on how they tend to worship wealth and status. The lady, who thinks this is all fun for Davido, requested that he reveal his true motive by either returning everyone’s money or stating that the donation was for a charitable cause.

The lady had this to say;

“Ok, you had your fun @Davido. Naha. Funny joke. Now please come out and either 1) return everyone’s money or 2) announce the charitable cause you plan on donating to. This is actually really sick.

Lmao. Came back to see this tweet taking off. Davido (a literal billionaire) posted his bank account # on Twitter and asked ppl to send him money for his birthday if they’re his friends. Nigerians are actually sending money to this billionaire and think that’s normal. Lol.

Nigerians worship wealth and status, so I’m not surprised that most of you lack the range and critical thinking skills to understand why this is unethical. The most interesting replies are from people who think I’m broke.

In actuality, getting a position that put me in the top 5% of earners in the U.S. is exactly what helps me understand why this is wrong. Lol,” she wrote.

One of Nigeria’s top female musicians, Cynthia Morgan also blasted the OBO boss and his fanbase. She took to her Instagram story to call out Davido fans, describing them as ignorant and intelligent.

“I have always known Davido’s fans to ignorant and unintelligent since 2016. So I am not surprised at your foolery,” she wrote.

“If you have to compel people to celebrate you, it means there is nothing to be celebrated. If you really rose by lifting others and you’re asking for 1 meter publicly then your boys are ungrateful. Make all of una lock up. Poor things.”

Considering the amount of money Davido’s friends have been able to raise for him, the singer’s account was recently placed on post-no-debit, meaning that all debit transactions, including ATMs and cheques, on the accounts, have been blocked but can receive inflows.

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