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Rico Swavey’s management addresses circumstances surrounding his death and burial arrangements

The late Rico Swavey ‘s management has finally addressed the various narratives surrounding the reality star’s death.

Rico was pronounced dead on Thursday morning, October 13 after he was involved in a ghastly motor accident. 

Following his death, a lot of narratives on the cause of his death made the rounds on social media, ranging from hospital neglect, down to alcohol.

Doren hospital, in a bid to clear its name from the lingering rumours, claimed that the deceased was drunk and reeked of alcohol when he was brought in for treatment.

Addressing the situation, Rico’s management released a statement stating that most of the lingering rumours are false and are the results of influencers who were paid to promote certain narratives.

His management promised to share detailed information on the circumstances surrounding Rico’s accident, treatment and passing, likewise his burial arrangements.

The full statement reads:

“It has come to our attention that social media has been filled with a lot of narratives about our dearest Rico Swavey.

The influencer has been paid to promote a certain narratives. We will like to state that many of these narratives are false.

Kindly note that in due time, we will be sharing detailed information on the circumstances surrounding Rico’s accident, treatment and passing.

We also urge all fans of Rico to keep his family in their prayers & continue the spirit of warmth and fellowship that Rico shared with all. While we are doing so, we plead with the general public to please give the members of his family privacy at this very difficult time.

Burial arrangements will be announced soon.

Thank you,



Patrick Fakoya, famously known as Rico Swavey was born in 1993. Rico was 29 years before his demise.

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