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Rihanna & Asap Rocky Confirms Their Relationship Rumor.

Rihanna and asap rocky might have just cleared the air concerning their rumored relationship that has been trending lately.
We reported that Rihanna and asap have been acting all cozy lately, hanging out together, going on dinner dates, and even lodging in the same hotel room.

Recently, Rihanna and asap were seen again on Wednesday 2nd December 2020, in New York City, both rocking a huge winter jacket, with a face mask as they were taking a walk just outside of their hotel in NYC.

Though Riri and asap have been close friends way back while she was with Chris brown, they started getting closer in 2013, and as time goes on, these two seem to be getting more closer.

Truth is, they are obviously not giving their fans any option other than to believe that something is really cooking between both of them, even if the rumors are not true.

But seeing them sharing the same hotel room, guess you cant tell fans otherwise that they are not dating. From Rihanna featuring him in her Fenty skin campaign, to them going on several dates and clubbing just they definitely confirming they are an item, even if they are yet to confirm the rumors.

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