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“RIP Tacha”- Kemi Olunloyo Sends Shocking Farewell Message to Tacha, Netizens fire back

Controversial Nigerian socialite cum journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, has caused an uproar on social media, after she publicly wished death upon BBNaija star, Tacha.

In December 2021, Tacha had posted that anybody who planned to beat up Olunloyo should record it, considering the woman’s weird contributions to crucial issues.

“Anybody planning to beat up investigative journalist! please record the beating. Thank you”, Tacha wrote.

Kemi Olunloyo decided to wait for months before giving the BBNaija star a reply and this time, she chose the wrong come back.

The controversial journalist has for some days now, made taunting posts about Tacha, claiming she’s depressed and needs help.

In a new post shared on the microblogging platform Twitter, Kemi Olunloyo shared a farewell message to Tacha accompanied with a coffin emoji.

Kemi Olunloyo added that Tacha would be greatly missed and hoped she would get the help she needed as untreated depression means death.

She wrote: 

“RIP Tacha, will be dearly missed. Hope she gets the help she needs. Depression is real. Untreated means death”.

Reacting, many Nigerians called on Kemi Olunloyo to act like a mother and stop fighting young ones, while others stated that wishing Tacha death was too extreme and quite beneath her.

ladyque_1 wrote: “She wants attention. God forbid this woman”.

fashion_magicblog wrote: “This kemi should act like a mother and stop fighting with younger ones”.

iam_yungjoc wrote: “That’s too extreme”.

asiwajulerry wrote: “This Aunty no dey respect her age. I feel sorry for her children”.

Tim_Envir: “You say things without weighing the consequences… It was things like this that landed you in Kirikiri the other time… I am pretty sure Tacha is too young to be your kid, instead your grandchild… Respect is given to whom respect is due… This isn’t professionalism”.

@MeTriumphant wrote: “Tacha you’re full of life and supernatural Divine Health. Overflowing stream of Prosperity and happiness will always be your portion now an forever”.

Another Twitter user, @akhigbe_ judith, presumed to be the leader of the Titans(Tacha’s army of followers) came at Olunloyo in full force;

“This isn’t journalism again, it’s privacy infringement. There’s no claim stating that she is in fact suffering from depression, and even if she is, posting this here is a violation of her private life. You’re engaging in computerised ‘aproko’ and tagging it as journalism. 

@feggeborn laughed off Olunloyo’s claim, describing her a pot calling a kettle black. 

“Escapee from mental asylum is telling a sense person to go to psychiatric hospital. When I heard that if u confront a mad person he/she will first call u mad person I thought it was a joke but today I have seen in reality,” Feggeborn wrote. 

Although Tacha is yet to respond to Olunloyo’s post, she made a veiled comment that may pass for a response. 

She wrote on Instagram; “The woman who’s hustling can never understand the woman who’s hating. We don’t speak the same language.”

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