Rivers Crisis: APC Calls For Fubara’s Impeachment

The political crisis in Rivers State is nearing a tipping point, as the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has issued a standing order to the 27 APC members of the House of Assembly to immediately begin the impeachment process against Governor Siminalayi Fubara.

However, the state government has chastised the APC for urging the state House of Assembly to launch an impeachment process against the governor right now. 

Despite the state’s political problems, Governor Fubara plans to commission a series of big projects to commemorate his first anniversary as governor.

The APC stated that the impeachment process was necessary due to the governor’s blatant refusal to honour the peace agreement initiated by President Bola Tinubu between Fubara and the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Nyesom Wike, some months ago, as well as his recent declaration of the lawmakers’ seats vacant. 

Fubara had on Monday, proclaimed for the first time since the crisis began, that the APC lawmakers do not exist in the eyes of the law.

Meanwhile, Chief Tony Okocha, the caretaker committee chairman of the Rivers State APC, told reporters in Port Harcourt that the governor’s statement amounted to rewriting Nigeria’s constitution.

He said: “He has re-written the books. Elementary politics taught us there are three organs of government and their roles. And goes further to talk about the separation of powers and checks and balances.

“What the governor was implying clearly is that he is ruling Rivers State without laws. That Rivers State runs an executive arm and judiciary. So, what that implies is simply absurdity.

“You can now see the tendencies of a dictator. As an opposition party in Rivers State, we will not keep quiet, we will shout. Regrettably, the governor has taken up to this point and we will not take it.

“The governor said that the President’s intervention in Rivers State which he signed was not constitutional but a political solution. But he assented to it, not under duress. The agreement was signed in a friendly environment and the governor assented to the proclamation and had the opportunity to speak where he thanked Mr President.

“So, nobody forced him to sign the proclamation. He did it willingly. So, at what point did the governor realise that the resolution was a political matter?”

On his part, Mr. Joseph Johnson, the state’s Commissioner of Information and Communications, stated that the 27 lawmakers in the state House of Assembly lacked the moral legitimacy to impeach the state’s sitting governor. Johnson claimed that Okocha lacked the moral authority to speak about the state administration, noting that he was not a real member of the APC.

He said: “It is not going to be an easy journey. They should not imagine to embark on it because Rivers people will resist them. Rivers people will resist them because it is even baseless to think of it.

“They are not fighting with legitimacy; they are only fighting for their own survival. On what plank will you put that? The law says you can’t put legality on illegality.

“As far as we are concerned, they do not even have the locus standi to do that. They should not even bother to start it, because section 109 (g) has settled the case.

“It says if an assembly member defects from his own party that brought him to power, he automatically loses his seat. They have done that and it is settled. Our constitution is the grand norm.

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