Screenshots of Boma’s Chat With Married Woman Leaked online

Just when we thought the Boma-Tega issue has died down, screenshots of Boma’s chats with a married woman surfaced online.

In the conversation between the former Big Brother Naija housemate, Boma and an unidentified married woman, Boma attacked the woman who condemned him for ‘sleeping’ with a married woman while in the house.

Boma who was not pleased with the statement of the unidentified social media user described her as the ugliest creature on the planet.

In response, the married woman said some dirty words about Boma, suggesting that he should have been aborted.

The heated conversation between the reality star and the woman has generated reactions online, with some condemning Boma for lashing out at the lady so rudely. 

Boma had tendered a public apology to Tega’s husband, regarding their entanglement while in the house. Also, Boma spoke in an interview with the Punch about the issue and his experiences in the house generally, Boma stated that those judging him are just being hypocritical because what housemates do in the BBNaija show is no different from what married actresses do in movie sets.

“Those actresses, are they not married with kids in their family? Don’t they kiss people on set? So, I feel people just want to be hypocrites. 

“Even the people that are sleeping with other people’s wives are still talking. People were just projecting their anger. It’s like most people woke up and didn’t have a good day. With things practically rough with them, they wanted to take out their aggression or frustration on somebody. They all come on social media and start backlashing someone”.

He also said that he was heavily criticized because viewers didn’t see the things the other housemates did, especially during the ‘Truth Or Dare’ game, which had them touching one another’s private parts.

He made it clear that all that happened in the BBNaija House was a show, stressing that the only time he could be called out is if he had displayed the same conduct outside the show.

“If you saw me in a hotel with somebody’s wife, call me out. If I went to somebody’s house and I was with their girl or their girl came to my house, then call me out. Don’t call me out on a show. It was just a show,” Boma declared.

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