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See Why Blessing Okoro Says Masturbation Is Not A Sin, But Fornication Is.

Nigerian controversial sex therapist blessing Okoro has dropped her own opinion about Masturbation as it seems to a frequent question asked in her dm.

Blessing shared a couple of posts on her Instagram, which, by the way, is causing a lot of chaos as she is being called out to stop misleading people.

While addressing the issue of Masturbation, she posted that “masturbation is a habit and not a sin.” She went on to add that “masturbation is understanding your body and your sensational part.”

She also went on to share a lengthy video expanding more on why she has stated that Masturbation is not a sin. She wrote:

“Is Masturbation a sin ??
Masturbation is not demonic .
A lot of people hide under religion when they lack understanding and answers.
Masturbation is understanding your body and your sensational part .
How can you teach people how to touch you or enjoy someone touching you when you don’t even understand where they should touch and how it feels .
Many of u will never enjoy sex in your lives because of ur ignorance..”

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