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See Why Nollywood Actress Cossy Ojiakor Orders Her Fiancé To Frog Jump After Their Little Fight.

Cossy Ojiakor shared a video of herself accusing her fiance Abel Jurgen of domestic violence, which she fondly calls German Machine, domestic violence. She stated that she has gone through all forms of abuse in his hands’ german machine as she fondly calls him.
Cossy was bleeding under her eyes and nose in the video. She said she would get him arrested if it is too much.

Abel also took to his Instagram page to share his version of the story after being accused by Cossy of domestic violence and starting their fight. Abel called Cossy “a liar, slut and a cheat.”
Abel went on to say that he was one year old when Cossy started her movie career and that she should be 50 or 60 years old than the 36 she is claiming.

He also shared a couple of photos of himself with a teeth bite from Cossy, alleging he didn’t touch her, and if indeed he did, why is there no scar or injury on her body.

In another video on social media, Abel was doing a frog jump while apologizing to Cossy to do a frog jump before forgiving him.

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