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See Why Yaya Mayweather Hid Her Pregnancy For So Long.

American famous boxer “Floyd Mayweather” daughter Iyanna Mayweather, finally revealed baby bump since her father Mayweather disclosed, she was pregnant as he is expecting his first grandchild.
20-year-old “Yaya” as she Is also known, for the very first time, shared a photo of her baby bump, on Tuesday, November 3rd, which happen to be the very first time she will be sharing a photo of her baby bump since her dad confirmed it.


Though there have been speculations going around for months, that Yaya was pregnant, but no one knows how true that was, and if truly she was pregnant, no one knows for whom. Well her father Floyd Mayweather, save everyone the stress, moment he disclosed on episodes Hollywood unlocked: uncensored on October 31, that his daughter Yaya was pregnant for a young NBA player. He said

“I just want the best for my daughter,” he added saying, “If that makes her happy, then we’re happy — I and her mother [Melissia Rene Brim] are happy.”
“What I try not to do is be in her personal business because once she’s no longer under my roof, then you know what? it’s between her and her better half.”
Floyd addressing an insult addressed to him by Yaya’s NBA boyfriend, during his live Instagram session, Floyd responded;
“Well, my thing is this: it has to do with your upbringing,” The boxing promoter continued, “It starts in the home first. What I’ve always taught my daughter is this: always be respectful when you’re going to anyone’s home. And whatever goes on in your home, don’t talk about it to the world.” With that said, Floyd added, “As far as NBA…I look at NBA YoungBoy as a child. I can’t get upset with a kid like that. It could’ve been one of those days for him.” He added.

Watch interview below;


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