Selena Gomez Launches New Makeup Line

Looking at our celebrities dive into other firm of business is not surprising at all, be it our local celebrities or international celebrities. One will say it’s the act of passion in what they do that has made them stay relevant and we want to see more of them excel in other field of business.

American singer and song writer Selena Gomez have joined the trend of female musician diving into other businesses such as owning a makeup or clothing line. The 28-year-old singer has officially turned a makeup mogul as she took to her social media on the 4th of august to announce the launch of her makeup collection RARE BEAUTY on the 3rd of September 2020, which she said to have named after her recent album RARE, that has hits number one on all streaming platforms as well as billboard chart.

Selena also went on to talk about her passion for makeup and how she has always wanted to go into it. According to her, we live in a time where it’s all about face and makeup, and that can be very exciting and fun but a bit dangerous.

Looking at Selena going into the makeup showbiz and Rehanna who is already in the game as she has already launched her makeup line adding to her already exiting Fenty Collection, do you think it’s going to be a game of competition between these two as they are both amazing singers and are also pushing same style of brand.

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