Senate President, Coalition calls for Working Leaders.

The Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, has called on leaders in the country to end excuses and halt the various challenges facing the country.

Lawan stated this while speaking with Journalists and his staff in Abuja during his 62nd birthday celebration yesterday.
He said it is essential for all the country leaders to resolve the various challenges affecting the people ranging from armed banditry, Boko Haram, Kidnapping, terrorism, among others.
According to Lawan, “it is necessary and incumbent on all of us leaders, today, to apply ourselves fully to address the various challenges facing Nigerians.

“It is not easy. And sometimes, when you are outside the system, you think two plus two is four. Until you get in, then you will discover it’s beyond that arithmetic, but there should be no excuses.”
The Senate President also assured Nigerians that the Senate would begin work on the Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB, upon return from Christmas and New year break on January 26th.

This, he said, will enable the passage of the bill into law after due signing by the President for money to flow in the country.
In other news, the Coalition of Civil Society on Good Governance CCSG has expressed worry over the growing incompetence of leaders in the country, saying the problem will soon turn Nigeria into a failed state.
Convener of the Coalition, Comrade Okpanachi Jacob, and Secretary, Comrade Dahiru Al-Mustapha spoke at a press conference in Abuja yesterday.

The coalition said it is necessary to elect a competent president and therefore urged Nigerians to commence discussions on the 2023 presidency.
Okpanachi opined that integrity was not enough in leadership, stating that competent leaders should be considered.
“Having integrity without competence is just like having an aim without a target. Of what importance is integrity if a man has no competence to meet the yearnings of the people?”.

“It is imperative at this point to note that Nigeria has been drawn back by leadership and economic quagmire which emanate from lack of capacity and knowledge of political and economic affairs, a situation that has returned Nigeria from its glorious days to almost a failed economy.

“Insecurity has marred our progress in terms of investments, recession a recurring song, and corruption has returned to the center stage of our daily living. Our once flourishing tourist sites have become moribund monuments of ghosts and shadows of their original form.

“Project #TheNextPresident is convened to generate a discourse on the quality that will guide us towards electing the next President. This is a project that will cross party lines, ethnic and regional lines as we intend to continue the discourse until we can achieve our desired aim of getting a competent hand to run the economy and return it to its glorious days in the comity of nations”.

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