Seyi Shay shares an unfiltered account of her beef with Tiwa Savage

Seyi Shay has narrated an unfiltered account of her beef with Tiwa Savage, following their skirmish at a salon in Lekki, as earlier reported by Empire.

In a leaked audio shared by Pulse, Seyi said while at the salon, her eyes met with Tiwa Savage and she deemed it fit to go say hi to ease the tension. She said Tiwa greeted her back, while they shared fleeting glances at each other.

About 20 minutes later, Seyi continued, Savage walked over to Shay and the argument began. Tiwa blurted a lot of things and rained curses on her. Shay said Savage even cursed her with barrenness and it hurt so much because she once had a miscarriage and she knows how it feels.

A shocked Shay says that Savage’s beef with her was not about the #FvckYouChallenge verse she recorded in April 2019 as she had earlier thought, because they have met each other more than twice since her #FvckYouChallenge and they exchanged pleasantries on all occasions.

“We’ve even entered private jet together, we’ve taken pictures together,” Shay recalled.

Shay revealed that the seeds of beef were first planted when she was in America and saw a video of ‘Lova Lova’ featuring Duncan Mighty, which she had co-written with Nigerian singer-songwriter, Ceeza Milli pop up on her television screen. Surprised alongside members of her team, she placed a call to Tiwa Savage to clarify her stance and be given the right acknowledgement, but Tiwa bluntly refused.

“This is the same person that went to go and sing my song. One of her biggest songs, “Mr Lova Lova”. I co-wrote that song with Ceeza Milli. I wanted to run mad. I called her immediately. I said, “Tiwa, that Mr Lova Lova song, I just saw it. Congratulations, but I need to let you know I co-wrote that song. I need you to give me my metadata. At least, give me my credit.” She said No ooo, that she doesn’t believe I co-wrote that song. That what should she do, the song is out already. I recorded the whole conversation”, Seyi narrated.

 In the same audio obtained by Pulse, Shay says that Savage threatened to sue a brand if she [Shay] wasn’t pulled from an ambassadorial role. A little while later, Savage also allegedly picked a fight with a popular male artist for featuring on a song for the two female artists respectively.

“This is the same girl that went to attack a popular male artist that we all know for featuring on one of my songs and featuring on her song too. This is the same girl that went to approach a very big brand that we all know and threatened to take them to court unless they take me off their ambassadorship”, Shay continued 

Shay concluded that with what happened at the Salon, she wished she had said more damaging things in the verses of her #FvckYouChallenge as she was unable to respond or cuss back at Tiwa at the salon.

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