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Shatta Wale accepts Burna Boy’s Challenge, picks Ghana as Venue

It’s only getting hotter by the day as Shatta Wale has proven that he’d neither relent nor back down until his point is proven that Nigerians don’t support Ghanian artistes as they do theirs.

In the early hours of the new year, Nigerian singer, Burnaboy challenged Shatta Wale to a one-on-one fight to squash whatever personal problems he has with him.

Burnaboy tweeted, “Dem dey play South African, American and UK music also for Ghana but na Nigeria own be issue. Something fishy is smelling.

“Pushing this agenda of separation between our beautiful African nations is a grave disservice to the generations coming after us, and it goes against everything I stand for as a man and as an unapologetic pan africanist.

“Therefore, if Shatta or anyone has a personal problem with me, I’m still open to fight 1 on 1 and squash it after; the same way I’ve always been. Nobody will ruin the unity we continuously try to build for a stronger and better Africa.” 

As least expected, Shatta Wale responded to this tweet and asked Burnaboy to bring it on. Shatta Wale picked Accra Stadium as the venue for the squash. He also challenged Burnaboy not to come with his songs as the challenge will strictly be a freestyle.

“Oh @burnaboy says he want a 1 on 1… Ok let’s do this Accra Sports Stadium… I just call shots… If you be man!! Don’t come sing your song let’s do freestyle! Ghana – Nigeria. I’m f*cken ready for this.

I double dare you @burnaboy , Infact I 10x dare you.This no be fight, just lyrical. Like you go stop sing! #lyricalchampion

Don’t let anyone tell you I want to use you for hype cause you know money hasn’t been a problem from day one I met you !

Don’t forget yourself so soon!” 

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