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Shatta Wale Expose Jackie Appiah’s Dirty Secrets, Accuses her of sleeping with men for money

Ghanaian rapper, Shatta Wale has gone berserk on Ghanian Actress Jackie Appiah as he accused her of so many atrocities, noting that she is not worthy to be called a celebrity.

Wale, probably after consuming some high-grade Wuhan weed, looked high as a kite in a live video which he shared on social media.

In the video, he bluntly stated that Jackie Appiah is no role model but is just deceiving little girls under the guise of being an actress.

Wale pulled down the curtain on Jackie and described her profession as a ‘t*t*’ seller, whilst alleging Jackie does not make money from movies but from sleeping around with men because no movie sells up to $10,000.

Not stopping there, Shatta accused Jackie of funding her extravagant lifestyle from the money she gets from sleeping with men.

He also bragged that he could easily make that kind of money if he decides to become gay and allow rich men to sleep with him.

No one knows the Genesis of Wale’s anger against Jackie Appiah but she is yet to respond to these allegations. Meanwhile, Wale’s stunt made the actress the top trend on Twitter.

See some reactions below;

@Bluntbrown: Any shatta wale fan who supports Nii for disrespecting Jackie Appiah is a big fool, unapologetically

@kojo black: No way Jackie Appiah got all that she has from acting, it’s about time she makes it official that she’s a professional hookup actress.

@shattabarock city: Naaa if Jackie Appiah no reply Shatta Wale aaah den e mean sey she dey do “Toto Work” but using acting as a cover-up.

@Jey: Jackie Appiah bounce Shatta Wale so he wan he en top Everywhere you wan take your D enter

@Bucks: The stereotype you guys associate to women when they make it be lame asf! So if a female make money norr she dey sleep, wit men ! Such feeble mentality Unless you’ve proved Jackie Appiah or any female celebrity dey sleep wit men pipe tf down

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