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“Shatta Wale Needs Jim Iyke’s Reset Handshake To Respect Nigerians” – Uche Maduagwu

Actor Uche Maduagwu, testifying on the wonders of Jim Iyke’s resetting slap, weighed in on the ongoing controversy started out by Ghanian Rapper, Shatta Wale.

After Shatta Wale berated Nigerian artistes in his concert, Nigerian entertainers have had a thing or two to say regarding his unjust judgment against Nigerian artistes.

Sharing his opinion on the ongoing controversy, Uche Maduagwu who once had an encounter with his colleague, Jim Iyke, causing the latter to pounce on Maduagwu, said Wale needed to have a taste of Jim Iyke’s punch so he can have a thorough brain factory reset.

Uche Maduagwu said he’s a living testimony of Jim Iyke’s miraculous slap, and he believes that if his miracle hand can format his brain, the Lord will do the same for Shatta Wale when he gets a reset handshake from Jim Iyke.

Uche Maduagwu then made mockery of Shatta Wale claiming he’s pissed and envious because Davido denied kissing and romancing him on the lips at a club in Ghana and that hate is what he has transferred to Nigerians.

The controversial actor added that Nigerians love and respect Ghanaians and they do the same so no need for him to use his envy to spoil things for anyone making fun of the whole issue and he also failed to see the point that Shatta Wale was trying to make with all his ranting online.

His post reads;

“Dear ShattaWale, if Jim miracle hand can format my Medulla Chinchingata, the Lord will do am for you. Brother, honestly, I do not need to listen to your #music the way you are fearfully made by God is enough lyrics to behold.

Just because you allegedly tried to #KISS Davido on lips in a club in #Ghana sometime ago and he politely ran away e don turn wahala. Must you have your way with all men?

Appreciate who you are if a Nigerian music icon refuses to KISS and romance you, find another man, do not transfer the aggression on every Nigerian singer that is doing better than you.

Nigerians #LOVE and RESPECT #Ghanaians and they do same so no use your ENVY #Raggae spoil our superiority BLUES #accra #instavid #kumasi #naija #facebook #share #instagram #abuja #nollywood #likeforlikes.”

It will be recalled that Uche Maduagwu and Jim Iyke’s altercation started after Maduagwu trolled the actor, implying that acting isn’t his only source of wealth and he is likely a ‘scammer’ or a ‘ritualist’ because of his exorbitant lifestyle.

However, Jim Iyke managed to trace Maduagwu to his location and confronted him about his comments on social media. The confrontation progressed into a fight with people struggling to hold back Jim Iyke as he pounced on Maduagwu.

“You think I won’t find you?” Jim Iyke asked Maduagwu as he threw a heavy punch at him without remorse.

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