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Sina Rambo’s wife, calls him and the Adeleke’s out, accusing him of assault

Nigerian singer Sina Adeleke, popularly known as Sina Rambo’s wife, Korth, has taken to social media to not only call him out but also accuse him of domestic violence.

Sina and Korth tied the knot in a private ceremony in October 2021, and barely a year later, Korth in a series of posts accused her husband of assaulting her.

She claimed that she had been feeding and taking care of the bills of Sina Rambo and that Adeleke’s wealth is all a facade as she is the breadwinner of their family.

She also shared a series of screenshots showing her sending money to Rambo to back up her claim that he’s broke.

Korth, who insisted that her marriage with the singer is over and that she would no longer be subjected to abuse, shared a video showing a door that was bashed in, and she alleged her “abusive” husband did it.

“I am truly tired, No we cant take this anymore. He doesn’t even respect my mom. She go talk her own later. Cant even provide finncially for the house. But can always buy weed o. Chai na me mumu sha.

“Adelekes!!! Lol!!!!!! Watch this space!!!!!

“Make sure you watch this page tomorrow!!! Lol

Every evidence shall be presented. Somebody who I just sent 10k naira. Broke asses. I’m NOT an ass kisser and will NEVER BE lmao.

“Later they will say Adeleke is my only achievement. LMAO!! Sina pay me my money you owe me from America and Nigeria!!! Beg beg. How many people do you have to fight with over bills? Or until them jack you for neck again like ot just happened.

“After having a caesarian section and him rushing me out the hospital because he couldn’t get no weed. Me, had Covid in labor, after my cs. I left the hospital this nigga ain’t help with no chores! 3days after cesarean you tell me to cook rice for you, can’t even make tea yourself! SMH! During pregnancy I was turned into a nanny! 9 months pregnant bending and cleaning house up and down because he can’t even pickup after himself. But trul

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