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Singer Davido calls out Italian show promoter over unpaid debt

Popular Singer, Davido is not one to bring his matters to social media, but has been forced to lament how an Italian promoter has refused to pay him for his services, after he overworked his body, blood, sweat and tears to keep up and deliver shows.

Davido went on a long rant on his Instagram story, lamenting over the disrespect and disregard given to entertainers. 

The singer who is currently not in the country pointed out how musicians always overwork their bodies, blood sweat and tears to keep up and deliver their shows for their fans. Unfortunately, many times their work and craft is been taken for granted.

Davido went on to call out a certain Italian show promoter for refusing to keep to his side of the bargain. OBO noted how he had to take private jets and join several flights to get to his show only for the promoter to refuse to pay him his balance.

OBO lamented that the show promoter sold seven thousand tickets but has refused to give him his part of the money.

Normally, the singer who upholds the “No balance, No show rule” stated that he had to perform out of pity for the fans who spent their hard-earned cash on tickets to his show.

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