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Singer Flavour Allegedly Receives Over One Billion Naira For His Biopic On Amazon Prime

Highlife singer Flavour N’abania has reportedly cashed out $3million, which is over 1.2 billion in Naira, for his biopic on Amazon Prime.

A fan shared on Twitter that a Nigerian artiste had received a $3 million advance payment for his biopic on subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service, Amazon Prime.

“A Nigerian musician received $3m as advance payment for his biopic on Amazon Prime. Guess who the musician is?” the Twitter user shared.

Naming the artiste, many Nigerians on the platform referred to Flavour as the musician, while another user stated that he has also been booked till 2026.

“This person is booked till 2026, he’s no other than Flavour N’abania,” the tweep shared, adding that “I wish he invests in PR more, maybe we would understand his weight.”

A biopic or biographical film is a film that dramatizes the life of a non-fictional or historically-based person or people. Such films show the life of a historical person, and the central character’s real name is used.

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