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Singer Ruger Appeals To ABUAD Girls ahead Of His Performance to stay away from his p*nis

From his previous experience on stage, Nigerian singer Ruger has ahead In his performance, appealed to female students of ABUAD to stay away from his penis.

Ruger recently had a nasty encounter with a female fan who grabbed a handful of his penis while he was performing on stage, an action which saw the 22-year-old Mavin artiste exit the stage with a strong show of disapproval written all over him.

In a follow-up video, the Lady who sexually assaulted Ruger claimed that she wanted to embrace him but her hand mistakenly grabbed his manhood and that if he is angry that she grabbed his manhood, then he’s not a good artiste.

Having learnt from his previous experience, Ruger has appealed to female students of ABUAD not to sexually harass him on stage as he prepares to go have a show in their school. He tweeted ahead of his performance:

“Never thought I had to do this but, pls ABUAD girls don’t disconnect my d#ck from my balls tonight. I know this can be achieved. I believe in you guys. Thank you.”

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