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Singer Ruger Sexually Assaulted on stage by Female Fan

Nigerian singer, Michael Adebayo Olayinka who is popularly known as Ruger was captured storming off his performance on stage after a female fan dragged him by his manhood.

In the video making rounds online, the artiste was performing during a recent show, everyone was vibing to his song when a female fan grabbed a handful of his penis.

He immediately retreated and paused his performance. Although he was evidently displeased, he stared at the lady for some seconds whilst maintaining his cool, but she still continued dancing as though she did nothing wrong.

He then walked off the stage in anger even though his time on stage hadn’t elapsed.

The lady’s action has triggered condemnation, being that if it were a female being harassed, it’d have been an entirely different story. Ruger was also praised for his high display of self-control.

@Novieverest reacted, “Watched the sexual assault video of Ruger and I feel traumatized too. It’s so scary, the man was just performing his craft and someone took away his joy and peace. Imagine other men that go through worse daily but can’t say because the world would mock them. The world is unjust.”

@Jayboss, “This is madness and glaring sexual assault. Men aren’t safe anymore, I’m literally shaking right now, my thoughts are with Ruger, I really hope he’s mentally fine. That lady should be convicted.”

_jranthony, “Sadly if Ruger had done anything to that lady that harassed him on stage he would have been dragged for violence.”

@itsbasito, “Ruger handled the situation well, he couldn’t have reacted better than that. He knows as a celebrity he is at disadvantage. If he reacted with violence, nobody would have cared about what happened, same people, telling him to boot the girl would have dragged him for his action.”

@_asiwajujerry, “That girl should count her lucky stars say Ruger calm sha. Make she go try am with Burna, na surgery them go use repair her jaw.”

@afamdelux “That Babe that touched Ruger’s penis on stage should better not try that shit with someone like Burna Boy, because Chale, you are going to wake-up in ICU.”

@belafeid, “This world is rigged against men bro. If It was a guy that did what the girl did to Ruger, the whole world would have called for his head by now.”

Real_NoLimit; “Ruger tried. The way he controlled himself, thought through a million actions and consequences within 2 seconds and still made the best decision”.

Kingchuks0; Them suppose charge the girl for sexual harassment because what is this nonsense??

@I_am_Pauldan; Self Control, Emotional Intelligence. Cos if he touch the babe, dem go still drag am.

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