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Skitmaker Isbae U Accused Of Domestic Violence Against Colleague And Lover, Mummy Wa

Isbae U who has been trending for giving skit roles to ladies in return for sex has again been accused of violating his partner and colleague, Kemi Ikuseedun popularly known as Mummy Wa.

These allegations were made known by controversial blogger, Gistlovers, who gave a total narrative of all Mummy Wa has had to suffer in the hands of Isbae U.

The blogger’s post reads,

“Hello tueh tueh, wonders they say shall never end, such is the case of the toxic relationship between skitmakers, IsbaeU and Mummy Wa. He beats her at any slight provocation then apologizes later. 

The supposed Dubai trip they went to last was an apology trip because Mummy Wa got tired and wanted to call it quit, but Bae Uwill not let go. Aside say him be womanizer, na woman beater he be too.

Fast forward to wetin cause this fight wey scatter everything, he get onegirl wey Bae U dey knack, the affair dey public as he was not hiding it at all, BaeU talks to the girl’s mother too often and already promised them marriage, BaeU brings the girl to the house wy him and Mummy Wa gather money buy, the girl does tiktok in the house, even snap pictures there always.

When Mummy Wa complains that Bae U can’t be bringing a lady to the house they both contributed money to buy. The thing go cause serious gbege . This keeps happening and she kept enduring, it got so bad wey be say if Bae U don post Mummy Wa, the girl mama go call Bae U say which kind post be that yen yen yen.

 The relationship don dey turnioniown tey tey but she kept patching, sometimes him go beat am push her face for ground still beg her. The last beating wey people witness na for Mauve Hotel for Ibadan. I think they had a shoot or thereabout, na so Bae U start him wahala say boy dey message Mummy Wa, just so you know Bae U is logged into Mummy Wa account and Email. He monitors everything going on, any man wey waka anyhow for Mummy Wa DM then na wahala. 

So, that day now, they sha had another argument which degenerated into serious fight. Na so Bae U lock door, him begin omo ale attitude again. Bimbo Ademoye was on the set, she tried to gain entrance into the room to rescue Mummy Wa but this boy no gree open door. Na so Bimbo go tell Mr. Macaroni wetin happen. One way or the other the matter reach this lepa geh side, Kiki abi wetin be her name, and una know say tht one na no nonsense geh, they advised her to call it quit and that one kuku use the matter shoot skit to educate more women sef. The good thing be say them never marry sef, of which Mummy Wa sef wan call am quit”.

The blogger went ahead to reveal that Mummy Wa and Isbae U contributed money to buy house and two cars and now that the relationship has turned sour, Mummy Wa wants a refund.  According to the blogger, Mummy Wa has already involved her lawyer so she can get her money back.

Gistlovers extended the blame to Isbae U’s father, Sir Kay, noting that a child’s upbringing matters a lot, and that Isbae U’s attitude is a result of the way he was raised.

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