Social Media Debate: Wurld VS Wizkid; Who Has A Better Lyrics?

Looks like the battle line between Wurld’s and Wizkid’s fan club has been drawn, as Wizkid fc came real hard on Wurld after his viral comeback on twitter.

Sadiq Onifade, popularly known as WurlD, may have bitten more than he can chew after his question and answer session on twitter landed him in trouble with Wizkid’s fans.

WurlD, who was only trying to know how much his fans relate with his music and lyrics, took to his twitter page to drop an incomplete statement.

WurlD once said….

Leaving his fans to complete it with any of his lyrics that they love.

Well, guess it didn’t go down as planned for WurlD, as a Wizkid fan dropped a comment under his tweet saying

Oya take all my money put ham for your waist oooo…

The above lines are obviously not from WurlD’s music but Wizkid’s. WurlD, knowing fully well that he has never sang such lines before, replied the comment saying:

Not my style of lyrics lol

Few seconds to WurlD’s reply, he was dragged like never before by Wizkid’s fans as they came for him saying he was shading Starboy in his tweet. The drag was obviously the least of WurlDs expectation on twitter when he made his first tweet.

The Electronic Soul Singer (as he calls himself) could not take the heat and insults anymore, he had no option than to take down the tweet.

Guess it was already too late for him as screenshots of the tweet had already gone viral on social media.

Some persons went as far as addressing the fact that he left UK for Nigeria to continue the kind of lyrics he claimed to detest while abroad.

The 33-year-old was said to have relocated from Nigeria to Atlanta as a teenager to complete his education at Georgia State University where he studied Computer Science. He would later pursue his music career full time in 2012.

On the other hand, some said that WurlD’s and Wizkid’s lyrics are not by any chance similar as they are two different people.

Another opinion stated that, of a truth, WurlD is more talented and lyrically better than Wizkid. A counter tweet kicked against it.

Some can’t wait for WurlD and Wizkid to be on the same song, creating magic together with Sarz on the beat.

For WurlD, it was just a common tweet but to Wizkid FC (Fan Club), it was a major sub and a total disrespect to Wizkid and his music.

This is the first time WurlD has been dragged on social media since his career in the music industry.

But then, do you think WurlD’s reply was a sub or any form of disrespect to Wizkid?

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