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Solena Gomez Launches Her Most Anticipated Rare Beauty Make Up Collection

Finally, the wait is over, as Selena Marie Gomez launches her rare beauty makeup line. You’ll recall that the 28 years old singer, song writer, producer and an actress, took to her Instagram page on the 4th of august to announce that she would be launching her rare beauty make up line September 3rd 2020.


Selena, who named her makeup line after her recent album RARE, finally had the opportunity to share her secret beauty tips to the entire world as she officially launched her Rare Beauty Makeup Collection on the 3rd of September 2020 as she had earlier promised she would.

Gomez who was so excited to launch her makeup line though wished she could have celebrated with her team and her fans in person, thanked everyone, especially her Rare Beauty Team, for helping her achieve her dreams as she promised them that this was just the beginning for them all.


According to Selena, her reason for going into the beauty world is to make every woman feel more natural and special. For the singer, Rare Beauty only helps enhance your look, and makes you standout.

Well, with most American celebrities venturing into Makeup Line and Beauty Products, do you think they will all end up in some sort of competition some day? Especially for Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and her sister Kim Kardashian and now Selena Gomez?

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