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Solomon Buchi responds after Bobrisky accused him of begging for money, spills his dirty secrets

Solomon Buchi is not taking Bobrisky’s callout lying low and has also taken to his social media to not only respond but also expose the crossdresser’s dirty secrets.

It all started earlier today when Solomon slammed Bobrisky for mocking James Brown who is currently in the UK studying.

Bobrisky took to his page to respond to Solomon, accusing him of begging him for money a long time ago, alongside screenshots to prove his point.

In a recent development, Buchi decided to reply to Bobrisky because according to him, silence enables nonsense and the crossdresser is fond of broke-shaming anyone who confronts his buffoonery. 

“Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, everyone knows that I’m not one to play with pigs, but sometimes silence enables nonsense, and I would take gibberish from anyone, not you. You broke-shame everyone who dares confront your buffoonery and that doesn’t work with me, Idris. I am a man”, Buchi tweeted before his final comeback.

In a lengthy and heavily worded post on Twitter, Buchi dragged Bobrisky to filth, whilst revealing that the money that he received from Bobrisky was out of the crossdresser’s kindness and it was well appreciated. 

The writer reiterated that he was never in Bobrisky’s employment and would rather beg around than be at the mercy of a vindictive and emptily arrogant individual. 

The rest of Buchi’s tweets highlight the different ways Bobrisky has burnt bridges, used social media to bully people, and lie through his teeth to turn situations to suit his narrative. 

Sharing their chats on Instagram, Buchi wrote to Bob,

“Hi @bobrisky222, the mummy of Lagos. Three years ago, in the comment section, your ex bestie, Tonto Dikeh, said she’d give me 150K to buy a new phone, and you publicly stated that you’ll add 100K and asked me to DM my account number which I did. I showed gratitude.

After that, you gravitated towards me and needed my writing services obviously to improve your mediocre brand outlook. I get a headache reading from you, your money can’t even buy you articulation and effective communication.

With you, I slashed my price to a miserly amount. I charged 30K per article three years ago, but you wanted me to write 12 pieces for you for 35K a month. Lmao. Meanwhile you were in Dubai, flaunting money, leftover food and ostentatiousness.

But you can’t pay me 100K as of 3 years ago. At some point, I decided to do a few writings for free for you. You’re obtuse, because if you weren’t, you’d realize I did it so I’ll pay you back, cos you felt cos you gave me 100K meant you own my skill.

Bobrisky, I wrote a rejoinder that went viral for one woman who attacked you. I’ve written captions for you. Writings that made impressed people and as expected they knew you lack the mental acuity to even write that.

You said you employed me. Idris, you did not employ me. I wasn’t on your pay roll. I actually stepped back when I saw how much of a mixture of trash and toilet you are. You are unprofessional. Highly entitled. Bob, because you gave me 100K to add get a phone 3 years ago doesn’t mean I’ll lick your ass, ewww. No sir, no man. I don’t do that.

These are all the screenshots. I distanced from you. No, I’m not going down to your level, I just want people who don’t know how belligerently ignorant you are to know. You’re classless, obnoxious, appalling. You don’t have friends; nothing good lasts long around you! Everyone you’ve ever given to, you want to bully. I am not one of them. I am Solomon Buchi, I am Solid.

People are scared to call your utter foolery out because of your audio money lol. Not me. You’re famous, bobrisky, but you’re not relevant. There’s a difference. You can have 3m followers and be D-U-M-B!!! Drown in your low self-esteem alone. Idris. Cheers man!”

Buchi then proceeded to his page to share the full chat he had with Bobrisky detailing all they spoke about.

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