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South Sudanese Model, Anyang Deng Checks Herself Into Mental Facility for Depression

South Sudanese Model, Anyang Deng, popularly known as the black barbie doll checked herself into a mental facility after she began suffering depression. 

Anyang Deng shared the shocking news via her social media page, noting that she wants to be beyond the pretty face Insta-model, which is why she took the decision, so she can get better.

She also narrated how she stayed up through the night, contemplating several ways to take her life until she decided to admit herself into a psychiatric hospital.

Sharing a short clip of her state in the hospital, she wrote;

“This is the reality of life behind your screens, behind the Instagram models, influencers, social media stars, as most of you know I’ve struggled mentally for as long as I remember, I’ve self harmed, I’ve attempted to unlive myself numerous times. 

My mother died when I was just 6months old and throughout my 20years of life, I’ve been through physical, sexual and emotional abuse. 

This week however, was the lowest I’ve ever felt. No one lives you till you’re dead. I sat up at night contemplating all the ways I could kill myself and wondering what my funeral will be like or what life without me would be like. I wanted to end it and was not gonna accept any other course of action. I was so scared of myself and what I’d do so I took it upon myself to admit myself to a psychiatric hospital.

Mental health is so overlooked and considered taboo in the black community and it’s hard to not feel alone when your mind is nagging at you to hurt yourself.

I’m now diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD and getting the medication I need. If any of you feel the same way I feel, please feel free to message me and just vent because we all need someone and the world is a better place with each of you in it”.

On her Insta-story she wrote;

“Let me be real with y’all for a sec. I don’t want to be just a pretty face on your screen or an insta model that you follow. I want to be someone that you relate to. Which is why I’m so open about my mental health.

My mental health. Everyone has their mental issues, but if at least one person can show you that they’ve stood up, then it will make everyone better. I want to be that person, I will be that person”.

Anyang Deng started trending on social media because of her dark skin tone. She has been insulted by online users over her skin color but she took pride and instead modeled in it.

She has faced criticism for her black skin. However, she is proud of who she is and always tries to make sure she maintains her black skin. Deng is currently a fashion model and she models for different clothing lines and advertises for different brands via her social media page as well.

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