Sowore Supporters Donate towards Campaign

The Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, AAC, Omoyele Sowore, has expressed gratitude to donors who has supported his presidential campaign.

Sowore has received donations from Nigerians at home and abroad before the 2023 general election.

He said, “I am so happy that while I was on the presidential town hall series, our compatriots were multitasking by watching and raising funds simultaneously.

“Our goal is to put liberty on the ballot, and we are determined to let the people own the race. I thank everyone who dropped their support for the genuine people-driven campaign leading to 2023,” he added.

A young woman named Loretta Oladayo initiated a N1 million donation challenge to help the Sowore’s campaign, and now these contributions are trickling in days later.

Recall how Oladayo announced the challenge on Twitter and tweeted a second time to confirm that she had received the N1 million gift.

She tweeted, “I’m donating N1m into Sowore’s presidential campaign; anyone wants to march this amount with me?”

“With Omoyele Sowore as President (in) 2023, there will be no motherless home.

“Patriotism is love for my country; (I) desperately want Nigeria to be a better place.”

“Initially catching cruise turns action by donating N1m to Omoyele Sowore presidential campaign. Screenshot below. I’m still looking for ten comrades to match this amount with me. We must salvage this country from the rotten system because #WeCantContinueLikeThis. I’m investing in my future with Omoyele Sowore.”

In the same vein, a UK-based Nigerian man, famous as Folyjesus, donated 100 pounds, while Papzo donated N200,000. 

Others who have joined in donating to Sowore include, Moyinoluwa, Oxley and Ikeche Anyawu, who donated N100,000 each. Chartered donated N20,000, Olubunmi donated N50,000, while Alex Adeniyi donated N10,000.

Durotimi Timis donated N25,000, Detoun gave N5,000 and Favour donated 50 Euros. Adeola and Solomon did not disclose the amounts of money of their donations.

Another foreign-based Nigerian, Kingmax Robin, donated $1,000 to Sowore.

As the 2023 election draws near, the heat of the campaign deepens as aspirants work their way to ensure they get the number one seat. Supporters are also on their part backing their candidates in diverse capacities in a bid to ensure they secure the desired position.

The big question to ask, however, is who is fit to wear the cap comes 2023 and who will wear the cap? 2023 is just a few months away, and we can only answer the question with our Permanent Voters Card.

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