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Stella Damascus Accused of Promoting Domestic Violence -See her response

Veteran Actress, Stella Damascus has been accused of promoting domestic violence, after she declared her support for a w her abusive husband.

Stella shared a video of a woman who defended herself from her abusive husband. In the video, the said husband tried to lay his hands on his wife but the wife retaliated by beating him up mercilessly. Stella commented on the video, saying she loves it.

Her comment however triggered reactions as many defined it as promoting domestic violence on men. In response to the allegations, Stella recorded a live video to address the issue.

In the live video, Stella said the video in question made her happy because for years men have been the ones hitting and abusing women because they are defenseless and for the very first time the story changed, having a woman on the other end.

She added that if women had learnt to defend themselves from the start, and men knew they can’t get away with hitting a woman, they will learn to exercise self control.

Netizens still tried to criticize her video and attach a tag to it but she did well to respond to each and every one of them. In one of the comments, she replied, “When a woman decides to defend herself that’s when all of you will come out and start talking rubbish”.

She further encouraged women to take up martial arts classes so as to defend themselves because society will not defend them, instead it will vilify them and take the side of men.

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