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Succumbing to sexual harassment is a choice – Destiny Etiko

Acress Destiny Etiko has aired her opinion on how she thinks succumbing to sexual harrassment is a matter of choice.

Sex for Roles in the Nollywood industry has remained a controversial topic, with people giving their divergent views on the matter.

While some believe you cannot go through the industry without being sexually harassed, others believe you can make it with just your talent.

However, Destiny Etiko has dared these views, maintaining that she has never experienced being sexually harassed for a movie role.

She opined that indeed there is sexual harassment in the industry but the final decision belongs to the actress in question.

“Sexual harassment is everywhere, not just in Nollywood and I won’t lie to you that I’ve never experienced it, because I have.

There are people who would want to deprive you of the role given to you because you didn’t sleep with them.

Some will even sleep with you and still not give you the role.

So, it is left for you to know yourself and know your job.

If you can act well, your blessing will locate you” she wrote.

It will be recalled that reality star, Wathoni was blasted after she stated that one has to trade her body in order to survive in the industry.

In a Question and Answer session, a follower had asked if she has ever considered going into acting because of her beauty.

“I have and so many times even… But in this part of the world, your body is what helps you in that industry, unfortunately”, Wathoni responded.

This did not sit well with actress Ani Amatosero.

She blasted Wathoni, alleging that Wathoni was trying to give the industry a bad name with allegation that producers or movie makers demand sex to give roles to actresses.

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