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Tacha – Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Reunion show “a tug of war”

Reality shows in Nigeria seem to be a norm that has come to stay as every young and vibrant youth struggles to be on it. Either for the fame or the glory that follows.

Big Brother Naija is not far fetched from this. It has been from one drama to another, especially the BBN Pepper Dem Reunion show. One would have thought that the reunion show was meant for peace to reign amongst the housemates, keeping bad blood aside.

For the Pepper Dem Gang, it is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth as they are not ready to move past their past and settle their differences.

On the other hand, one will wonder how TACHA, the most talked about and the most abused housemate was able to pull through during the BBN Reunion Show without responding to every shade thrown at her, abuse, insults etc.

See video below


No doubt, Tacha’s maturity to every questions asked was a shock to everyone. How she was able to overlook and care less about certain accusations as well as name calling is something that won’t easily be forgotten in the history of BBN Pepper Dem Reunion Show.

From the clips that trended on social media, down to the tweets and her answers given, it is obvious that NATASHA AKIDE popularly called TACHA has moved on as she also made it on the show.

So have other housemates, the likes of Venita, Diana, Seyi, the grandson of Awolowo, Elo, KimOprah, Mike, Jackie, Frodd and of cause the queen of highlight Mercy.

Do you think they all have also moved on, or they are still holding on to grudges with TACHA??

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