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TAMPAN Petitions Actor, Olaiya Igwe over his controversial nude video

The Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners of Nigeria (TAMPAN) have petitioned veteran actor, Ebun Oloyede, aka Olaiya Igwe over his controversial pro-Tinubu nude video.

Olaiya had gone naked to campaign for the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu.

Giving reasons for his actions, Olaiya, who was unapologetic said he has a gift of revelation from the Almighty God and sometimes sees what God plans for him ahead before it happens.

He said: “I was sleeping that day, and the voice came to me and said, please stand up. You said you love Asiwaju, and he has been assisting you.

“Stand up. Go and do this, this and this for him. I am an artiste but a bit of a politician. But professionally, I am an artist. So I said ok, as an artist, I can do it.”

He also revealed that Mr Tinubu saved his life after he was diagnosed with nephrolithiasis (Kidney Stones) without knowing him, invoking the river god amidst thunder and lightning effects.

Olaiya said he could do anything to support the candidacy of Mr Tinubu as long as he believes that it does not affect others negatively. 

In reaction to his actions, TAMPAN executive, Rose Odika disclosed that Olaiya had been summoned to face a disciplinary panel to explain himself and he is yet to respond.

She said, “He has the right to support whoever he wants to, but we have the moral justification angle. We are looking at the morality behind that advert (video). It is not about who he is supporting. It is about him breaching the code of ethics (of our association and industry.”

Olaiya was accused of encouraging acts capable of compromising the association’s core values and acting totally against the norms of the culture that it holds.

According to The Gavel, the president of TAMPAN, Otunba Bolaji Amusan, if TAMPAN failed to take necessary actions on such issues, similar issues would ride on such negligence to deter the association’s progress.

“Acknowledging the right of every member to belong to any political party of their choice, Otunba Amusan explained that each member is expected to deploy their sense of creativity with a standard level of decorum. He said each practitioner of the Arts of the theatre and movie-making ought to be conscious that the general interest and good of the society override personal interests.

“TAMPAN President emphasized the need to ensure total sanitization of the Association and ensure members operate within the moral and cultural precepts as enshrined in the Association:s constitution. He said if gold could be allowed to go rust, the fate of ordinary metals would be worse.

“He concluded that Chief Ebun Oloyede would be made to face a disciplinary committee in spite of his status within the Association and would be eventually dealt with accordingly if found to be guilty of conducting his practice in a way that could subject TAMPAN to public ridicule.

“This, he said, was to act as a deterrent to any member who might already be seeing the viral video as another creative dimension and precedence. He explained that Media and Publicity Directorate remains critical to the overall success of TAMPAN and therefore urged the Directorate to work very hard so as to achieve total rebranding of the Association,” a statement by the association read.

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