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TAMPAN Suspends Yomi Fabiyi Indefinitely

The Theater Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners’Association(TAMPAN) has suspended Yomi Fabiyi over his new movie “Oko Iyabo”, which people claim demeaned and trivialised the sexually assaulted teenager in Baba Ijesha’s case.

‘Oko Iyabo’aired on YouTube on July 4, 2021, featured characters with same names of the individuals involved in the case including actress, Iyabo Ojo whom the story apparently centred around.

The movie sparked outrage on social media as many Nigerians called the TAMPAN association to discipline Yomi Fabiyi over the movie. Shortly after, Fabiyi was summoned to appear before the association’s Committee on Ethics, Conflict and Resolution.

Recently, a statement was released by TAMPAN with the title “TAMPAN suspends Yomi Fabiyi indefinitely for gross professional misconducts & unethical practices.”

Justifying the suspension, TAMPAN said it found Fabiyi guilty of misconduct, including an attempt to cause social crisis with the film, using the real names of the people involved and factual events without their consent. The association said it arrived at the decision having listened to the detailed defence of Fabiyi who produced and directed the controversial film. They also said, his co-director Mr Matti was also questioned and found guilty of the same offence.

According to the statement, Mr Matti admitted his fault and regretted his involvement in the film, but Mr Fabiyi insisted that ”it is his fundamental human right to use his creative talent to produce films that will tell his account of the trending issue”.

Mr Amodu, in the statement, said Matti’s suspension will last for three months for showing remorse.

The statement read: “Mr Yomi Fabiyi deliberately produced/directed a film without a recourse to the ethics of filmmaking thereby engaging in a work of art that is wittingly done to cause a social crisis. Except the work of art is a “Cinema Verite” (a true-life documentary) no one is allowed to use the real name(s) of another person(s) in a feature film. Therefore it is professional misconduct to use a real name(s), stories and factual events of the person(s) without their consent not to talk of plot that is denigrating to that person.”

Therefore, it is professional misconduct to use real name(s), stories and factual events of person(s) without their consent not to talk of a plot that is denigrating to that person. That the story, plot, theme, title, dialogue, names and general content of the film ‘Oko Iyabo’ is a factual presentation that may give rise to prejudice since the matter is already In court.

His misconducts and unethical practices have impacted negatively on the image and reputation of our association. His Co-Director Mr. Dele Matti having shown remorse and admitted his guilt is hereby suspended for 3months.”

TAMPAN also said the talents who featured in the film have been summoned to appear before the Ethic, Conflict & Resolution Committee on the 24th of July 2021.

Reacting to the suspension, Fabiyi on his Instagram page, asked those interested in watching the movie to reach out to him so it can be sent to them privately.

Yomi also released a statement in reaction to the suspension.The statement reads:

 “I am originally ANTP member. Worst case I will renew my membership there. I have never obtain or sign any form with TAMPAN or joined any guild. I was made to pay for registration which I did but no form collected or formal procedure.

The letter is inappropriate, not valid for me as a filmmaker. Any reaction if necessary will be on the basis of Human Rights Violation if I so wish to seek judicial redress. You don’t loose what you never had.”

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