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Tekno reveals why he Relocated to the United States

Nigerian singer, Tekno has announced that he has moved out of Nigeria and is now based in the United States. 

Tekno made this known via his Instagram story, backed with a reason. According to him, his reason for relocating is because Nigeria “changed” its name to the United Africans Republic (UAR).

Tekno said he is a full Nigerian and won’t settle for the change. He also revealed that he would only return to the country when the dust surrounding the proposed name change is addressed.

“We are just out here excited, y’all already know I moved out of Nigeria since they call it UAR. Ain’t UAR sh*t, I’m a full Nigerian. When it’s back to Nigeria, imma pull back up but right now I live in the States,” he said.

The development comes weeks after Adeleye Jokotoye, a tax consultant, during a public hearing, argued that the name “Nigeria” was given to the country by Flora Shaw, a foreigner and should therefore be changed.

Jokotoye had asked the house of representatives to rename Nigeria to the UAR, with claims that for the country to be united, its name needs to be changed, adding that such will foster peace among citizens.

The proposal has not passed proper billing and has at the moment, become a subject of heated debate among intellectuals as well as a topic for comic relief on social media.

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