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The BBNaija Season 6 Housemates experience Hunger Strike under Pere’s Regime

The worst has befallen the Big Brother Naija season 6 housemates as they battle with hunger strikes under the regime of Pere.

A few days ago, Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye Head of House, Pere, instructed fellow Housemate, Whitemoney to vacate the Kitchen. Pere’s reason for asking Whitemoney to vacate the Kitchen was because he felt that Whitemoney was using cooking as a strategy to escape being nominated for eviction.

A few days later, Pere came to the kitchen to look for what to eat only to discover that foodstuffs and water are missing in the kitchen. He told Boma that it’s like housemates are now hiding foodstuffs because the foodstuffs he saw days back, are no longer there.

Boma in his response agreed with what Pere said. He told Pere that the housemates are now cooking for themselves since the chefs can’t make food on time. He said that Some of them would go to the kitchen and cook noodles that two persons can eat. Boma added that food that is meant for the house, some housemates are now monopolizing them.

The housemates are not taking the current hunger strike likely and they have in different ways tried to show their displeasure and frustration. 

Maria still tried to bring up her fact about Whitemoney’s cooking strategy and Nini couldn’t bear it anymore so she yelled out and told Maria and other housemates that it’s fine if Whitemoney is using cooking as his strategy. She poured out her heart as she stated that she hadn’t eaten since yesterday, and they are tired of starving. Nini stated that other housemates should come up with their own strategies if it’s really a bother that cooking is Whitemoney’s strategy. Nini concluded with the saying, “A hungry woman is an angry woman”.

WhiteMoney, clearly frustrated about the disorganisation in the house, knowing that such never happened while he was in charge of the kitchen duties decided to address the ongoing hunger strike.

During a conversation with fellow Housemates, Boma, Cross, Micheal, Kayvee, and Sammie, Whitemoney made it known that the Housemates handling the affairs of the kitchen are not working effectively and they don’t know how to manage food. He believes nobody would be hungry if the Housemates in charge of the kitchen are doing a good job. WhiteMoney also addressed the female housemates who are currently in charge of kitchen duties, on the need for them to work with proper timing so that other housemates can eat.

Nonetheless, WhiteMoney stated that taking the kitchen duties from him is good, but the timing is wrong. Because they took over in the middle of the week. Later on, Angel asked Whitemoney to help them cook and he maintained that he won’t cook for the housemates until a new HOH enters and assign him to do so. 

“I won’t cook until a new HOH enters and tell me to do so”, Whitemoney blurted.

However, viewers and fans of the show supported Whitemoney’s stance, insisting that the housemates will learn a lesson for putting him out of the kitchen duties without a proper backup plan. 

Here’s how fans are reacting;


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