The True Story Behind Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Crash That Led To His Death.

The world took a moment of silence for Kobe Bryant on the 23rd of August, to mark his birthday even in his death. Kobe died in a tragic helicopter crash alongside his daughter Gianna (Gigi) and 8 others on the 26th of January 2020.

7 months after Kobe’s death, the helicopter company has come out to claim that the 2 air controllers by the name Matthew Conley and Kyle Larsen, who were guiding the pilot are to blame, as they were asked for radar guidance by the pilot because of the heavy fog in the weather but they both never responded to him.

Well the helicopter company has issued a lawsuit to both Conley and Larson, claiming that the controller denied the pilot was using a life-saving radar, despite the fact that the radar guidance had not yet been lost.

The lawsuit also states that the pilot thought he was still under the operation radar but just for him to later discover there was a fog and radioed in for backup which came in late. As such Conley could not help him anymore at that point and the tower operators did not say that the radar was being terminated.

Having said that, the helicopter company also claimed that the helicopter suddenly lost its radio and radar contact due to the fog.

FILE PHOTO: Sherriffs and officials investigate the helicopter crash site of NBA star Kobe Bryant in Calabasas, California, U.S., January 27, 2020. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok/File Photo

The company also went on to say that the tower operators are to blame as they made the pilot stressed out upon him trying to get back to them for possible navigation, which unfortunately led to their crash.

The NBA Lakers player late Kobe Bryant is getting a street named after him in the city of Los Angeles, where he spent most of his time with his family members.

This announcement was made by the President of Los Angeles City Council Herb Wesson Jr. on Monday the 24th of August 2020, saying he has already put that into his plan of work.

Indeed, this is a huge and big-time legacy for the all-time basketball player, as he will be remembered by many, both the young and old and there is no obstacle that is way too big anything is possible. President Wesson added.

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    The Tower operators must pay for what they did.


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