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The War Between Churchill And I Is Over Says Tonto Dikeh

We are all humans and as such should find a way in our heart to forgive one another, irrespective of our age, sex or who is to blame. This was the fate of Nollywood veteran actress Tonto Dikeh as she revealed that she has forgiven her ex-husband Churchill.

You’ll recall that Tonto Dikeh got separated from her ex-husband and went on social media to call him names and a 40-seconds man in bed. Not just that, she also went ahead to change their son’s last name King Andre Dikeh, and restricted Churchill from coming close to their son, not even on his birthdays.

Judging from the viral video that led to the hashtag trend #tontodikeh on all social media platforms, showing Tonto Dikeh on a live Instagram interview with Nigeria’s renowned journalist Dele Momodu of her revealing that she has forgiven Churchill and is ready to move on from her past.

Watch Video below:

Truth be told, one would have thought this day will never come, especially to the fact that she muted Churchill from (Andre) their son’s life acting the role of both a father and a mother calling herself #MRMOM

Mr Churchill vs Mr MOM

Just when we thought the worst was over, the mother of one took to her Instagram page early hours of today to drop a message for the people dragging her after the video of her saying she has forgiven Churchill trended.

According to tonto, she posted saying…

I forgive every single person who tried to hurt me(Knowingly and Unknowingly).
I deserve all the good things of life so yes I do accept the gift of forgiveness..
Yes you may not DESERVE/Or asked for my forgiveness but I’m giving it anyways not for your sake but FOR MY GROWTH..
Because I love myself so much, I am giving myself a chance to also be forgiven by my Heavenly Father!!
Ooo No I AINT asking for forgiveness in return, NEVER EVER WILL..
I am doing the right thing just for ME PERIOD!!


The question now is….

Do you think Tonto Dikeh is doing the right thing muting Churchill from their son’s life?

And do you think Churchill and Tonto will ever be together again?

Do let us know what your thoughts are in our comments section.

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