There is dignity in labour – Obi

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has said the Labour Party is determined to change Nigeria by removing people responsible for its current state.

His comment is in reaction to comments made by his All Progressives Congress counterpart, Bola Tinubu, during the APC’s mega rally in Osun State this week.

During the event, Tinubu criticised the Labour Party and a few other parties, calling them “mushroom parties.”

“PDP and mushroom parties. Like Labour party; they say they are labour, they will labour till death,” Tinubu said in Yoruba.

“God will not let you become labourers,” he told the supporters. “You will meet good fortune at home. The good fortune of money, children. You are next.”

But during an LP-organized protest on Wednesday in Osun, Obi claimed that the APC presidential candidate disparaged his party out of hatred and that the Labour Party would reply with love.

“I listened to our national chairman when he said that somebody said that they can labour till death. When they talk like that, when they show you hatred, Labour Party will show them love. There is dignity in labour,” he said.

Yusuf Lasun, the LP’s candidate for governor, has received a strong endorsement from Obi, who urged the inhabitants of Osun to do the same.

In his remark, LP National Chairman, Julius Abure, urged Osun electorates not to sell their votes on Saturday.

He warned them against giving in to the pressure of collecting money during the governorship election, or voters would still reject them.

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