“Timaya pulled me from the ghetto and changed my Life”- Patoranking

At the ‘Big Name’ concert which was held in Lagos on Boxing Day, Patoranking recounted how Timaya pulled him from the ghetto and helped his success story.

During his performance, Patoranking recalled how he moved in with Timaya in his Lagos apartment in 2011.

He said though they had initially met in 2009, on meeting again, Timaya had mandated him to stay at his place until he put out “a sweet song”.

Patoranking disclosed that at the time, he was residing in one of the slums in Lagos and saw Timaya’s directive as one that was “irresistible”.

He added that after they moved to Lekki, he recorded ‘Alubarika’, his breakthrough single, featuring Timaya, and has since then enjoyed fame.

Patoranking said without Timaya, he would still be living in poverty with unfulfilled dreams, scampering for where the next meal would come.

Patoranking narrated, “Around 2011, after we met in 2009. 2011, I came home, and as he saw me, he asked where I have been all this while and I told him I have been hustling,” he said.

“He said if I don’t record a sweet song, I would not leave his house. And that time, I was staying in a ghetto. First day, I recorded and I tried to impress him because he was staying on an estate at the time and I know I won’t pay for rent, studio, and food.

“That was how God used him to bless me.  We were staying at Maruwa garden on the mainland, so I moved with him to Lekki. On getting to Lekki, we started hustling, I then recorded ‘Alubarika’. When we recorded the song, everything changed.

If Timaya wasn’t there, if he didn’t pay for that video or let me stay in his house, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Patoranking also once defended Timaya when Eedris Abulkareem described Timaya as an ingrate. Eedris revealed that Timaya was one of the boys who got his big break by putting him on his stage, but he never supported him or other artists.

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