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Timaya’s Baby Mama blasts Caroline Hutchins Over Alleged Relationship With The Singer

Singer Timaya’s baby mama, Tamara Sinclair has called out former actress Caroline Hutchins for refusing to let go of Timaya after their relationship ended.

According to an Instagram account, Caroline and Timaya had a sexual affair. However, Timaya decided to end it but Caroline has refused to let him go.

Caroline immediately took to the comment section to debunk the reports. She denied dating Timaya and maintained that they are just friends.

The Instagram account stood by its report and insisted that Timaya is the one going around town, telling people of their alleged affair.

In her response, Caroline named one of Timaya’s baby mamas, Tamara Sinclair, as the one behind the story shared by the Instagram account.

“Tamar I see your hand work… you will be fine,” Caroline wrote at the end of her comments.

In response to Caroline’s callout, Tamara blasted Caroline and called her a colanut (something shared around). Adding that she’d never stoop so low as to pay a blogger to blast Caroline.

She concluded her post, writing: “P.S, I don’t know what story he told you, but, if I was still with Timaya, you can never be ‘friends’ with him! Know that little girl.”

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