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Timini Egbuson finally reacts to his ex-girlfriend’s Allegations

Actor Timini Egbuson has finally responded to the allegations leveled against him by his ex-girlfriend, Lydia Balogun.

At the early hours of Tuesday, 17th August, Lydia publicly called out Timini, leveling some contemptuous allegations against him. She said that Timini has become notorious for sleeping with everything breathing in Lagos and Abuja, alleging that Timini goes after young naive girls, adding that he is currently seeing an 18-year-old Babcock University student.

Lydia tagged Timini a predator, cradle snatcher, pervert and an “all round terrible person, revealing that she was warned about his person but she didn’t listen and her relationship with him finally left her scarred, especially after he slut-shamed her and threatened that no one will ever love her again.

Lydia’s allegations triggered several reactions, one that Timini’s bestie, Actress Dorcas Fapson couldn’t endure. Dorcas reacted to Lydia’s allegations through an Instagram post where she stated thus;

 “First of all, Timini is old enough to make his own decisions which I’ve discussed with him privately but I won’t sit back & let this clout chaser drag him because he refuses to reply you.

Lydia baby, how many of your age mates have you actually dated?? You’re here screaming victim but you won’t look at your age mates twice.

Same Lydia that up until 2weeks ago was still begging Timini back, the guy has blocked you everywhere, you call with different numbers & send emails non stop, shey because e no gree you result to this? Smh

Move on & heal in peace please, I’m honestly praying for you”.

Timini, having been silent all the while finally responded to Lydia’s allegations in a Snapchat post. He narrated how he dated Lydia for 2years and they were both consenting adults at the time and their “families knew and approved of each other.” He explained that their relationship was “volatile” and didn’t work due to fault from both sides so they had to go their separate ways and he has since learned from it.

Timini said he is a “single adult man who has dated women of different ages” and that all of them were older than the legal consenting age of 18 years old. He also maintained that he does not “condone having relationships or courting anyone under the age of consent”.

Part of Timini’s statement reads, 

“Firstly, I would like to make clear beyond any doubt that I do not condone courting or having a relationship with anyone under the age of consent. Rumours are rumours but baseless accusation of sexual abuse or grooming of underage woman is something I don’t take lightly given the severity of the issue.

Secondly, let’s be clear I’m a single adult man who has dated women of different ages, all of whom were older than the legal consenting age.

“Lydia and I dated two years ago. We were both consenting adults at the time and our families knew and approved of each other. Our relationship did not work out because of circumstances we were both at fault for. Our relationship was a valuable one and mistakes were made on both ends. Nevertheless, I learnt from it and have moved on. I honestly would love to put that chapter of my life behind me and I wish her well.”

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