Tinubu Calls for collective growth in Independence Message

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the presidential candidate for the All Progressive Congress, has stated that it is time for a stocktake in order to determine how far the nation still needs to travel to become a better one.

Although Nigeria has come a long way since becoming independent, the APC Standard Bearer noted in his message to Nigerians, “Still, the greatest of our national adventure lies ahead and not behind us.

“In this complex time, it is easy to forget the struggles of those who came before us. Those Nigerian founders and nationalists devoted themselves to making the dream of an independent and proud Nigeria a reality. But we must not forget. We commemorate this day so that our nation shall forever remember those who won our nation’s independence. We cannot repay them for their patriotism except to remember them and strive to match their love of country and their sacrifice.  Some gave their best years and lives so that Nigeria could be born. Their labour shall never be in vain!  

“Indeed, we had come a long way from 1960 when we gained independence. We have walked far since then. Still, the best of our national journey lies before and not behind us. Since 1999, our country has experienced 23 years of uninterrupted democracy. 

Let us make a commitment to the unity of Nigeria and to our collective growth on this Independence Day. No matter how different our ancestries, religions, or regions may be, we must stand as one and see each other as brothers and sisters. In order to develop our country, we must work together to expand the economy, create employment, feed the hungry, educate our children, tend to the ill, and defend our people and their way of life from evil and misguided adversaries who want to undo all that is good.

Let’s take this opportunity to express our gratitude to President Muhammadu Buhari and his team for their patriotic efforts on behalf of the country. The heroic members of our armed forces, security personnel, and law enforcement officials, some of whom have sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom from terrorism and violent extremism, have our deepest gratitude for their selfless service. We are grateful to everyone who has devoted their lives to serving the people and the idea that this country may become great. We are grateful to each and every law-abiding resident of our wonderful country that dedicates their life to making Nigeria a better and more united country.

“May we all seek the best for Nigeria regardless of partisan affiliation, and may we never undermine the national purpose in pursuit of narrow gain,” Tinubu said.

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